So advanced it raises and lowers the roof for you.

Taking Australian camper design to a whole new level, every new Wayfinder model comes with a unique Electric Roof System (ERS) that eliminates the need for a manual winch. Simply tap on the touchscreen controller mounted in the front boot section of the camper, and your Wayfinder’s ERS system will raise or lower the roof for you.

Of course, the advances in the new Wayfinder aren’t limited to just the roof. Along with eye-catching new livery and a Walkinshaw chassis that delivers superior safety and handling, the new Wayfinder comes with a host of advances in interior design. Every model in the range features re-designed seats with more cushion depth than ever before, a long café lounge seat that gives you plenty of room to stretch out and relax, plus an impressive new kitchen with all the cabinetry.

Available in 2 models to suit a family, standard or upgraded Adventurer model.

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