The new MY20 Wayfinder Camper is here.

The MY20 Wayfinder brings a fresh update to New Age Caravans innovative camper range. Layouts have been refined and cabinetry space has been re-designed to accommodate larger storage areas. The MY20 model features a new electrical looming system, “The new electrical looming system results in production efficiencies whilst also providing wiring consistency across all MY20 Wayfinder products. By minimising the number of cables, this means less cabling is run through the wall panels and can be easily accessed.” – Adrian Di Vincenzo, Head of Research & Development.

A new and improved ABS moulding at the front of the MY20 Wayfinder now saves weight so you can bring more with you when you travel. The upgrade packs have also been overhauled to now include: Comfort, Comfort Plus, Adventurer and Adventurer plus to help provide more options to suit your travel needs.

So what does this mean for customers looking to take their first steps into the camper lifestyle or seasoned travelers that know exactly what they’re looking for? A well designed, constructed, lighter and feature packed product. “New Age Caravans wanted to improve on the competitiveness of the Wayfinder product and refresh the model line-up to include greater specification and value to the consumer. In doing this, we have been able to add content to the product that was not previously available and new variants strategically placed to meet consumer expectations.” – Oliver Lukeis, Chief Operations Officer at New Age Caravans.

“The Wayfinder design has been and still is the leader in exterior and interior design features. The new MY20 Wayfinder exterior styling has been generated in the Walkinshaw design studio. The first New Age Caravan product to adopt the automotive style lighting and countersunk spare wheel, unique designed extrusions for the roof frame, bed slider and easy to use bed poles allowing the consumer to set-up the Wayfinder with ease.” - Oliver Lukeis, Chief Operations Officer at New Age Caravans.

Key features of the new MY20 Wayfinder

  • Engineered slide out bed system
  • Uniquely designed roof extrusion & one-piece composite panel for greater strength and durability
  • Walkinshaw Engineered chassis (Hot dip galvanised)
  • Specious living layout in a compact space
  • Over 150 uniquely & exclusively designed parts specifically made for the MY20 Wayfinder

The MY20 Wayfinder range features two layouts, one to suit couples and one to suit families, with the family layout sleeping up to five people. There are also two model variants available in each layout – Comfort and Adventurer.

13 ft couple's layout

  • Comfort – RRP starting from $27,990 (including GST)
  • Adventurer – RRP starting from $33,990 (including GST)

12 ft family layout

  • Comfort – RRP starting from $31,990 (including GST)
  • Adventurer – RRP starting from $37,990 (including GST)

The MY20 Wayfinder Camper is the perfect entry level product for those wishing to take their first steps into the recreational travel lifestyle, offering a lightweight & expanding product that is easy to tow and easy to store. That’s not to say seasoned travellers won’t enjoy the new MY20 Wayfinder, with the wide variety of upgrade packs allowing a great flexibility to travel exactly how you want.

Having recently won the best build quality and best customer care awards at the 2019 Best Aussie Vans competition, there’s never been a better time to get into a New Age Caravan and explore our fantastic country.

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