For decades, when a Caravan Manufacturer wanted to test their products in extreme situations they would take their Caravans either to a testing track, or in to real world environments such as the Gibb River Road. That has all just changed dramatically.

Walkinshaw's entry into the caravanning market with their purchase of New Age Caravans a few years ago was always going to change the way caravans are manufactured, and now, with their multi-million dollar investment in a 4 point testing machine, usually reserved for the F1s and the car market, they are really shaking things up and changing the way caravan R&D should be conducted.

By taking a New Age Caravan in to a range of real world environments to collect all sorts of data, they run the data through the 4 point test machine to mimic the real thing - allowing their caravans to be continuously 'real world tested' for over 20,000 kilometres of a multitude of programmed conditions allowing them to evolve and improve their products in ways never seen in the Caravanning industry in Australia before.

From what we have seen, this is set to revolutionize the Caravan Industry moving forward and as consumers it makes the New Age product something you 'have' to check out for yourselves either in their yards or at the many Caravan Shows this year.

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