New Age Caravans is today celebrating engineering excellence through global certification of the manufacturing process of all New Age Caravans chassis.

Manufacturing of all New Age Caravan chassis, which are designed by Walkinshaw Automotive Group and manufactured by Hilton Manufacturing, the highest accredited manufacturer in the industry, have international certification in quality management systems, quality requirements and welding quality.

Following on from complete Australian Design Rules (ADR) approval on the entire New Age range, it’s another example of the lengths New Age Caravans are going to, to ensure the highest levels of quality, safety, and peace of mind for all New Age Caravan owners – exceeding what is required by the industry.

“When we look at how New Age Caravans chassis are designed and manufactured, we want to ensure that they are of the highest quality in all aspects. To use the expertise of the Walkinshaw Automotive Group design team, as well as the international certifications of Hilton Manufacturing, proves how seriously we take this,” said New Age Caravans Managing Director, Chris Polites.

“It’s not something that mandated or monitored within the industry, but considered essential for us. The chassis is the main connection point between a caravan and the road, so all New Age owners should have peace of mind every time they are towing a New Age Caravan.

“It also ties in heavily with our recent ADR approvals on our entire range, quality and safety is our top priority.”

International certifications used on a New Age Caravans chassis include ISO 9001, the international standard of quality management system, ISO 3834, the global welding quality requirement benchmark, DIN 2303, quality requirements for production and maintenance companies for military products, as well as International Welding Specialist and International Welding Engineer accredited staff.

So what does this all mean? That every New Age Caravans chassis is designed, tested, and built to the highest standard possible in every way.

Just one of the measures used while manufacturing each chassis is the use of a robotic welder to ensure consistency of the highest quality, paired with the accredited welders.

The rigorous testing process of each chassis goes through in the development far exceeds any requirements, but is considered essential in New Age Caravan’s eyes.

“The process we undertake starts with the Walkinshaw Automotive Group’s engineers who apply decades of on-road experience to the chassis, before its manufactured using global certification through Hilton Manufacturing is lengthy,” said Polites.

“The rigorous testing at every stage is there to make sure once it rolls of the line, we know the chassis has passed every possible challenge. It’s an extensive process that is impressive to witness.”

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